Wednesday, July 13, 2005

blueberries, pop art, the 80s etc

a couple of thoughts i had in the last hour:

-blue berries are the best snack food. they are bite-sized, juicy, blue, low-calories, and they come in that cool carton thing. everyone should eat them.

-i don't think art should be about complicated concepts no one is supposed to understand. i think everything should be art...andy warhol was onto something. art should be: 'hey, look at this aspect of life. isn't it great to be alive?'
like putting your hair up with a headband because you can't find a rubber band, and knotting it wrong. it doesn't have to achieve some aesthetic beauty. but it should be art anyway because sometimes life's funny like that and now you've got a picture of one of those times.

-why do i have such a crush on the 80s? i find myself listening to all these 80s bands and watching the breakfast club and really loving it...why? is it because the 80s were such a pop culture bonanza and i'm such a pop culture addict? that could be. i guess a lot of the authors and musicians i identify with the most grew up in the 80s, so i'm trying to relive their childhood somehow...comparing theirs to mine. i don't know. either way it's interesting.


Blogger ifuncused said...

and all the 80's toys are coming back....
care bears
strawberry shortcake
rainbow brite
Hello Kitty
My little Pony
etc etc etc

10:17 AM  
Blogger fudge said...

strawberry shortcake is coming back? no one ever tells me the important stuff

1:24 PM  

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