Friday, March 16, 2007


i have not lived up to my word. perhaps this is because i am exhausted already. there are still almost two weeks left. does that seem fair to you?
nevertheless, guilt-stricken and snowbound, i will share one more tidbit with you. prepare to be dazzled.
You Know You Are In College when you take your frustrations out on breakfast cereal. allow me to demonstrate.
(holding box of cookie crisp in one hand) stupid housing department! why can't they give me a single? (violent crunch) grrrr, how much longer can the room across the hall blare that stupid crunk music? (more crunching, faster) when will someone else decide to take out the garbage? (bite tongue) how can i lose weight if i keep eating cereal for revenge? (furious crunch) stupid school cafeteria...closing at noon....
(puts cereal box down, glares out window)
stupid snow!
(commence sign number five that You Are In College, aka Trying To Correctly Interpret Instructions on Toilet Cleaning Agent)


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