Wednesday, June 09, 2010

yes, i wrote a starbucks napkin about london

storms blow over london, like
dreams across your sleep
flickers of doubt and plumes of shadow
sail and fade across the sheets.

we scurried wet across the walkway
over the thames and riverweeds
umbrellas boom like jungle flowers
but in our hoodies we just freeze, because

this climate, this climate, this climate
is strange to me
spots of light and dark and rainbows across the sea.
where we are from, it only comes down when it pours
where we are from, we learn to weather longer storms.

as colors close up, we fold up our hoods and watch the sky
before we even reach westminster abbey our shoes have dried
i like to think this is a secret i'll learn to keep
each storm will pass, a flash of sorrow in a sound sleep.


Anonymous yaelle said...

oooh, I love this.

11:16 AM  

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