Monday, September 12, 2005

meet the crew

ok, at long last the digital camera appears to be in working order, and really, it's high time i introduced y'all to the gang. so, without further ado, and with illustrations, if i can figure it out (dr. bean - clears throat):

this is the view out my door room window - always entertaining. on a really great day you can count the police cars lining up across the street. once i saw them kick in the door to the baskin robbins. apparently, no criminals. or is that just a really stylish way to ACTUALLY GET SERVED?

ok, moving on.

this is my cool roommate, shifra. or should i say, my ex-roommate. she is moving down to the seventh floor. without her, i will be bereft and alone in the study hall. but she has made up her mind, so no hard feelings. except this one: DON'T LEAVE ME!

let's see...who else. ah yes. i must tell you the story of ducky.

this is me and the Arcade King and ducky. what transpired was that alan here was apparently blessed as a child with a father like mine who loves videogames. consequently he spent most of his youth becoming very very good at arcade games. so you would think he would win a lot of tickets.

which he did, hence the title, but unfortunately, not nearly as many as those who just gambled it all on slot machines. so we did not have enough to get the inflatable chair (henceforth Ducky) that i wanted for my apartment. we could have easily walked away with, say, a pair of really neat dice, but as i pointed out, that would suck. so we gave up trying to be dignified and spent a good half hour or so groveling from his friends, who had only enough tickets to extend from here to the sun.

anyway, to make a long story short, at the end of the night, he was extremely kind and let me keep the chair, bought mostly off of his dignity (i got minus five hundred points at laser tag. i am not exaggerating. well, yes i am. it was -493. at least he got like 25.)

which i promptly took home and exploded.

poor inflatable chairs. they just don't have a chance.

this is mikey at what is, i feel, his finest hour. all seriousness aside, however, this is a guy who, when someone leaped out at us with a knife in the House of Wax, politely tapped him on the shoulder, waited for the puzzled 'huh'? and then asked, 'so these are some pretty good hours you're working here i imagine, huh? and the commute's not bad at all.' 'no. not at all, hardly.' 'do you fill out applications to work here in the lobby?' 'ah yes. downstairs.' 'i see. and do you think...'

people in desperate need of fear had to negotiate their way around us.

before we leave mikey, let us also mention that he is also the one Who Nearly Survived An Entire Karaoke Rendition of YMCA Without Fleeing The Stage.

these guys are fun. i have spent most of orientation laughing at them.

other characters and proper documentation will be added to the site as i find time to whip a camera out at them when they least expect it.


Blogger Mrs. Balabusta said...


E Gad

Oh Dear

and nice to meet you.

4:19 PM  
Blogger tuesdaywishes said...

Oh for Goodness sakes! (Mrs. Balabusta had forgotten that one.)

Seriously, The Arcade King bears more than a passing resemblance to your dad at the age when I first met him. (Please do not engage in retaliation that would violate international airspace regulations.) Just look at the oldest Kabbalah pics. I know they are somewhere in his blog archives.

Back when I went to Stern, in the Dark Ages when the Internet was used only by geeks, we had something called "classes". Are you taking any?

7:21 PM  
Blogger PsychoToddler said...

Not all the pictures seem to have made it. Also, it's a shame shifra is leaving because she seems to have a gift for defying gravity, something that is always valued in a roommate. And I'm assuming that's not her real name, because I'm sure she didn't give you permission to post her picture and her real name. right?


8:52 PM  
Blogger Steg (dos iz nit der ┼íteg) said...

Your exroommate is SHIFRA?! ;-)

9:46 AM  
Blogger Doctor Bean said...

Well, I'm happy to see you've cheered up considerably. I'm also happy to see that in about 6 years when my oldest goes to college I'll be paying unimaginable ammounts of money mostly so he can goof around.

The first picture definitely begs for a giant marauding robot, but, what can I say? I'm busy.

And the fourth picture begs for ... a picture.

12:58 PM  
Blogger fudge said...

dr bean: do you seriously want to hear about my archeology class? or perhaps you would like a lengthy discourse on how many minutes there are in jewish ethics and why so very few of them are spent on topic? or shall i regale you with my absolutely charming english comp class?

whoa...i suppose i am a little bitter about the whole class thing. i kind of stupidly expected that because these are all college courses, they should all be fascinating, since i am paying more for them and all. but of course they are not. biology is kind of interesting, for the first time in my life.

as for the giant marauding robots, you better move fast, because i am homing in on your scene, inasmuch as i am sticking stick figures in the elevators here. then people who don't like me tear them down. i am running against a Sandy for our times.

abba: shifra says she likes you already. plus shes not moving for the moment.

yes, well, the pictures. my G-d, it takes forever to upload things here, but mikey is too good to be ignored. i'll give it another go.

ok, dismissed.

8:47 PM  
Blogger parcequilfaut said...

Gorgeous view, Fudge. My dorm room looked out on a parking lot and...another dorm. Lucky thing.

Frosh-level college classes are rarely, if ever, fascinating. I skipped 90% of my 100-level courses with AP credit, and I was still booooorrrrrreeeeeddddd in everything but anthropology the first semester. When the English lit assignment was William Blake's "To Spring" and the person called on to explicate it had only "It's about...spring..." to offer, I seriously wondered if I shouldn't have just gone to Europe and not bothered with upper-level education. As you go, it gets better, though. I'm about to go back and finish my bachelors', G-d willing, and am actually excited, because my 300 and 400 level courses are...interesting! Imagine!

Glad you're adapting well to the big city. ;) Have a good one!

9:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok, if you're liking biology, can i put in a plug for dr. bacon's intro to bio aspects of psychology? it was brilliant.

sorry. back to not talking about classes.

10:58 PM  
Blogger PsychoToddler said...

Does Shifra read your blog?





6:10 AM  

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