Wednesday, November 16, 2005

thank you, marketing division of the cybernetics corporation

i think it's too late for me. i have become a Books On Tape person.

somewhere my mom is spitting out her coffee (or salad).

it started like this. this comedian, joel chasnoff, came to yu, and my ex-roomie bought his cd. without thinking, i popped it into my computer, and had it on in the background while i worked on my articles. and my computer proceeded to talk to me.

and i loved it!

it wasn't something that i'd sit down and listen to exclusively, as i long to read a decent book. but i just loved spacing in after i finished a paragraph and overhearing some conversation between two egyptian special correspondants covering a rash of plagues.

me (staring vaguely at screen): therefore the...aish madison would like to thank...a nice...philanthropist...and...

joel chasnoff (pepfully): and for those of you taking the nile express home, traffic reports indicate that there is still some blood content left over from last week's plague, so you may want to take the alternate route via the Hittites!

i just love it. i can be as sullen and exhausted as i want, and the guys on the cd will still ramble on enthusiastically to each other about complete and utter nonsense. i realize that doesn't make the best case for it, but it's as close as i can come to explaining why i am so suddenly hooked. the truth is, i'm not sure myself. it could be because when i'm in my room, it's usually empty, and i just like the sound of the people.

either way. i've started to imagine fiction playing through these tinny speakers - whole little melodramas- and sadly, it genuinely thrills me. just imagine. i'll be trying to type an essay, and all of a sudden, some cue in a woman's voice or a word used to describe some scene in the story will catch my attention and make me think about everything definitely. i love it when little things catch my eye. it makes me feel like life's a box of froot loops: a little bit of blueberry, a little banana, a little lime, a little grape, a little cherry, a little bland-sugar-starch-with-food-coloring mixed in....

G-d, i love food.

oh and another thing i love (!) is job researching. it quite frightens me. i have been working with the career services woman here in writing up my resume and getting a job, but i absolutely love trolling the internships and reading the descriptions and thinking: HA! i could do that! HA! that one could be mine!

like having an internship is going to make me a real adult. i wonder if you can be a real adult and appreciate froot loops at the same time.

well anyway. back to my cover-letter writing. let the fun begin!


Blogger PsychoToddler said...

When i was in YU, my roommate and I used to record our own comedy tapes. They involved either:

1. Dubbed over Martial Arts movies (not as clever without the video, obviously)

2. STar Trek (including me singing the 'fight scene music' in lieu of an actual fight)

3. Fake rock star interviews, with me doing a Spinal Tap British accent.

4. Some combination of the 3.

I think I have a tape in the basement somewhere...

3:48 PM  
Blogger tuesdaywishes said...

I am a real fan of audio books. Most of the stuff I do falls into the "mindless tedium" category, so a really amusing book can make a big difference. Even a predictable, not-too-credible mystery or adventure story makes the dishes and the laundry happen faster. (I'm limited by the selection at the local library.)

9:01 PM  
Blogger Doctor Bean said...

I'm 38 and I still love fruit loops.

I hope that helps.

9:07 PM  

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