Saturday, November 26, 2005

so the cab driver was right

back by popular demand!

i've always wanted to say that.

the truth is that having taken this down, there were a few people who asked me to put it back up again. and i needed the outlet; i think i need a laugh track. anyway, so the blog goes back up.

but first, some public anouncements.

1. The Royal Disclaimer.

here we go, folks. my dad has one, and now i do as well. behold: THIS BLOG IS NOT MEANT TO BE TAKEN PERSONALLY. it is not a press release, not a statement to the world to be distributed to each and every person i may have mentioned. it is an extension of my brain, and that's it. i think aloud because it calms me and forces me to see things in perspective, and often times i get a lot of really helpful advice from people removed from the situation, which i greatly appreciate. it's like a little support group.

but because that's all it is, i hope you all understand that i do not mean to criticize or degrade anyone with this implement. i am not going to white-wash my thoughts, but if you're readings this, assume you don't know the people involved; assume i'm not talking about you; assume i don't mean it personally. because chances are, you're right.

and if you're one of those people who goes to school with me and will be able to figure out exactly who and what i'm talking about, no matter how well i obscure the names, here's a newsflash: if i wanted this distributed around campus, i'm sure i could manage it myself. this may be a self-centered way to look at things, but yes, the people you know are the people affecting my life right now, the people that i need to think about. at times i am bound to say something that one of them will take issue with. if you are going to read this blog, i am going to assume also that you'll take it for what it is - entertainment, mostly - and not a chance to carry tales and instigate hostility.


everybody needs to vent. this is my venting. it has absolutely no credence, and i won't vouch for it in a court of law. so there's little point in making a public case out of it.

2. Sorry For Being Skitzo

yeah, i've had a couple nasty interpersonal relations in the past two weeks. i'm learning a lot about the seamier side of human nature, and it's a little hard to swallow sometimes. so hence the blog fluctuation (fluxuation?) and the above hysterical rant. please don't mind me being all indignant etc. i'm just under the weather.

3. Y'all Are Wonderful

for those of you who emailed me and even those that didn't: it surprised me that anyone would really notice the blog being gone, but your messages were very comforting. i'd like to thank you again for sharing your thoughts with me and letting me share mine with you, and all the input about everything since i started college. it really has meant a lot to me. shout-out to shira who just got a full-time position.

ok, i think that's everything. from now on you'll notice some slight changes...i'm going through and editting the names, and i think the only Real Names you'll get are stern and yu. i'm not sure why i bother, because stern and yu people will be able to decipher identities regardless, but hey.

if you decide to take this to heart, the responsibility is officially yours alone. and as my father says, perhaps you should seek entertainment elsewhere.


Blogger PsychoToddler said...

cue laugh track:


Don't forget, if anybody gives you trouble...

I'll send your mother to kick their butts.

7:46 AM  
Blogger Ezzie said...

Glad you're back!

You should think about copying your father and putting this disclaimer in your sidebar...

Good luck, looking forward to reading and laughing...!

9:29 AM  
Blogger Ezzie said...

Oh yeah - and sympathizing.

9:29 AM  
Blogger tuesdaywishes said...

I had thought the problem was with Blogger;didn't know you had taken it down yourself. But I'm glad you came back.

Illegetimati non carborundum!
Don't let the bastards wear you down!

Oh yeah, sorry you got such immature twerps as roommates. I doubt he remembers it, but my brother had terrible problems with roommates his first year in high school. It was a lousy time, but helped him learn to stand up for himself.

Good luck, we're all rooting for you!

10:27 AM  
Blogger Kiwi the Geek said...

Glad you came back, dear. I didn't even realize you were gone, because I use RSS feeds, and just thought you hadn't posted in awhile. But if I had known, I would have emailed you to express my disappointment.

11:37 AM  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

Am I ever glad to see you back! Hot sauce!

Try not to let the lowlifes get you down. Remember that the good guys in the white hats (not to mention black hats, kippot s'rugot, baseball caps, sheitlach, hats, scarves and snoods, and a few of us bareheaded folks) are on *your* side.

9:28 PM  
Blogger Steg (dos iz nit der ┼íteg) said...

Welcome back! Can't wait for your radio show...

7:59 AM  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

Thanks for the shout-out. :) Enough temping, already: Being a full-time permanent employee means never having to ask someone else to open the office door again--because I finally have a key of my own.

9:21 PM  
Blogger 30cal said...

I just want it to be known that the radio show was NOT my fault. She took me by surprise. I thought i was coming on as "scott of the saharrah". c'mon fudge, you should know better. nothing ever happens in wisconsin. you know that.

also i don't take your blog personally so dont worry about that!

12:29 PM  

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