Thursday, September 22, 2005

oh doctor

well, the poc dined aboard the uss intrepid last night with the rich and the fabulously wealthy. for free. yu's 75th anniversary dinner. he gave a course by course layout which included fine meats and carving stations, chinese, lamb (or perhaps that is a fine meat), pies, chocolate mousse, fondue, vegetables, and somebody personally rolling something in front of your very eyes.

morally bankrupt politicians.

i on the other hand had what i later realized was somebody else's half-eaten salad (for which i of course paid full price).

but it was still cool inasmuch as i got to wander around manhattan instead of listening to stuffy speeches. manhattan at night is obscene. i was walking under the chrysler building and someone had rolled out a red carpet, and i saw women in ball gowns-- honest to G-d ball gowns -- getting out of a limousine, and lots of flashes from photographers, and real butlers with the bow tie and everything. and gentlemen rushing past me to get to the action with pressed folded handkerchiefs in their tuxedo pockets.

or perhaps they are not handkerchiefs but something else for which i have forgotten the term, and you are all rolling at my country bumpkinness.


oh also the girl in my archeology class is the sister of blue fringe. i mean that her brother is the bass player. so now i am a celebrity. (less than six degrees, you know).

other than that, last night was club fair. i signed up for the Midwest Club (which is not run by midwesterners. unless you count new jersey.) also the cosmic woman, which promised me broadway plays, and the bikur cholim/chessed one, and...because of shifra....chabad. and poetry on the roof, which i have a feeling i am going to hate because i will think it is pretentious. it really is hysterical. i love to write poetry so long as i'm never around when any is read.

tonight is the hurricane katrina benefit concert, which is going to be a huge huge deal, tons of people, at yu. the poc knows most of the bands and he's vouched for at least two of them, so i have kind of high hopes. i'm trying to talk shifra into coming with me. she is going home for shabbos. again. will i never cease to be abandoned?


Blogger ika_jifri said...

Can I send you a questionnaire abot the weblog creation.

7:01 AM  
Blogger PsychoToddler said...

You are the daughter of Shlock Rock (not to mention that you appear on an album cover and a video) so I think you have more clout that the sister of Blue Fringe.

Glad to hear you are wandering around Manhattan at night by yourself.


7:36 AM  
Blogger Ezzie said...

PT - I think she was giving Shlock Rock a slap in the face... ouch.

Be happy it was women in ballgowns... I've seen worse in Manhattan.

9:28 AM  
Blogger Chaikers said...

Who's Poc again? Did those women have reasons for being in ball gowns and going down a red carpet? or were they just doing that for kicks or something?! Perel when u come home u have to bring home that friend booklet thingy! we gotta hang out also--luv ya

9:03 PM  

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