Thursday, November 13, 2008

no more prejudice against ugly fruit

yes, human rights have advanced leaps and bounds over the past few centuries. look at us in america. we now have a black president. strides are being made to treat every man with dignity and respect! but ask yourself this: what about vegetables? 

sure, life's great if you're ben-adam. but suppose you're a lopsided rutabaga? a crooked carrot? heaven help you, a class-2 banana?

(you all know who you are.) 

until recently, handiwork like the above were shunned in britain. but today an article in the new york times announced the repealing of such prejudice. today, at last, it is legitimate and mentally safe to be a curvy cucumber in the U.K. 

if you are aware of a recent news development weirder or dumber than this one, im radioyu or call 212-923-2471 tonight at 8 and let us know. you could get lucky and win the Man Eats Lawnmower Weekly National Championship of the Week. 

and you know how fulfilling that can be. 

Thursday, November 06, 2008

the polar bear trophy

have you had something stupid happen to you recently? did you read about one in the news?

perhaps you got bitten by a wild fox while you were jogging and then decided it would be best to jog to a hospital before removing the fox so it could be tested for rabies.

perhaps you attempted to drive through brooklyn.

either way, listen in to at 8 pm est and let me know! you can im us at radioyu on aol or call in at 212-923-2471.

as an added plus, with your prayers, my shuttle might make it on time this week!